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Harris J woth it ft safe adam

Worth It – Harris J Ft. Safe Adam

Download (UK |US) – Amazon Track number 6 off the album, and what a track! Islamic music is certainly moving forward. Artists and labels such as Harris J, Maher Zain and Awakening Records have all played a major role in the change. This track is up-beat, positive and well-produced. Harris is extremely popular amongst the younger generation …

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Maher Medina

Medina by Maher Zain – Innovative video

Maher Zain: Medina Download (UK |US) – Amazon This is certainly a catchy tune! As the title suggests the song is all about Medina. The full name for the city is Medina-tun-nabi, meaning ‘The city of the prophet’. It is sometimes shortened to Medina meaning ‘The City’. Before the arrival of the prophet (pbuh) it was called …

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Harris J The One lyrics

The One – Harris J

Harris J: The One Download (UK |US) Positive message, but I feel it’s lacking that special something… As with all Harris’ tracks, The One is well produced and gives out a good message. Maher Zain was actually one of the writers for this one, a well-known artist. The track places importance on the oneness of God, and …

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Harris J - I Promise

I Promise – Harris J

Harris J: I Promise Download (UK | US) I Promise is all about having love and respect for your parents. At a concert in Indonesia, Harris stated that this was currently his favourite track on the album. There are many nasheeds that talk about the importance of parents, particularly the mother. Examples include Mothers Love by Safe …

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Maher Zain One

The Power – Maher Zain

Maher Zain: The Power Download (UK |US) The Power is indeed a powerful track, both in lyrics and production. The song features a Zulu choir known as Amakhono We Sintu, adding an African theme to the track. The music video was actually filmed in South Africa, opening with Maher watching a Rhinoceros. After this there are many scenes …

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Harris J

Salam Alaikum – Harris J

Harris J: Salam Alaikum Download (UK |US) Huge track! Salam Alaikum picked up over 50 million Youtube views in one year. This is the title track from Harris’ debut album, Salam. The song has one clear message; to spread Salam (peace) around the world. Not only is the message strong, but the vocals and production are fantastic. …

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safe adam praise

Shukran Allah – Safe Adam

Safe Adam: Shukran Allah Download | MP3 (Amazon) Safe Adam has teamed up with t-Series to bring you Shukran Allah, a popular Bollywood track. The original Bollywood song has been sang many times, with different versions available on the web. For example, nasheed artist Nazeel Azmi did a version back in 2014. Safe has applied a …

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safe adam praise

Breathing – Safe Adam

Safe Adam: Breathing Download | MP3 (Amazon) Despite being track number 10 on the album, Breathing is once again a breath of fresh air. The song emphasis appreciation for life, and how we should thank Allah for this. The track begins with a simple piano, and introduces additional instruments as we draw closer to the chorus. …

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safe adam praise

Sujood – Safe Adam

Safe Adam: Sujood Download | MP3 (Amazon) Track number 8 from the album, Sujood is all about finding Allah. The track emphasises the importance of turning to Allah at times in need, and teaches that calling out to Allah allows our hearts to find peace. It has a cinematic sound and the use of violin helps …

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safe adam praise

Invincible – Safe Adam

Safe Adam: Invincible Download | MP3 (Amazon) Another huge track from the album. Invincible is different, fresh, uplifting and powerful. The song has been selected to appear on the “The most beautiful songs in the world” playlist on Spotify – that’s got to tell us something! Invincible teaches us to have appreciation for everything we have …

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safe adam praise

Praise by Safe Adam – We Should Do It More

Safe Adam: Praise Download | MP3 (Amazon) As the title track from the album, Praise had high expectations – and I wasn’t disappointed. This song has one simple message – Praise Allah. While the track has been kept simple lyrically, it subtly refers to key messages presented in the Quran and Hadith. Let’s analyse! Buy the song …

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