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Medina by Maher Zain – Innovative video

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This is certainly a catchy tune!

As the title suggests the song is all about Medina.

The full name for the city is Medina-tun-nabi, meaning ‘The city of the prophet’. It is sometimes shortened to Medina meaning ‘The City’. Before the arrival of the prophet (pbuh) it was called Yathrib.

In the Quran, Allah commonly refers to the city using the name Medina. There is however an instance where the word Yathrib is used, even though the passage was revealed after the Prophet entered the city.

“And when a faction of them said, “O people of Yathrib, there is no stability for you [here], so return [home].” And a party of them asked permission of the Prophet, saying, “Indeed, our houses are unprotected,” while they were not exposed. They did not intend except to flee” (Quran 33:13)

So why was the word Yathrib used?

When this verse was revealed, the enemy had the city surrounded. Within the city were both Muslims and people who were Muslim by name only – they had converted to Islam but did not believe.

They were the ones who said, as the verse reads: “O people of Yathrib, there is no stability for you [here], so return [home].” By using the word Yathrib they exposed who’s side they were really on. Allah captured that word and displayed it in the Quran, to show their true intentions. 

It’s amazing to think that the usage of one small word could contain so much meaning. This is a sign that the Quran is indeed from Allah, and in many places Allah challenges people to produce a sentence or chapter like it:

“Say: ‘If all mankind and the jinn would come together to produce the like of this Quran, they could not produce its like even though they exerted all and their strength in aiding one another.’” (Quran 17:88)

Back to the track

Medina is track number two on the album. Many have expressed their enjoyment of the song and it has received over 11 million Youtube views.

I really like the part where Maher sings ‘Tala’al badru ‘alayna’, a famous song from the days of the prophet. This song was sang in order to welcome the prophet (PBUH) back to Medina, after competing in the battle of Tabuk. As he entered they played an instrument known as the Duff (similar to drums) and sang with joy.


A new music video has just been released for Medina.

The video depicts Medina as a place of happiness, peace and fun.

The characters in this video use their imagination to turn negative situations into positive ones. Real-lift situations are not always positive, but we all wish they could be.

Deep saturation is used to connote imagination, helping to emphasis warmth and love. A true vision of the city of Media at the time of the prophet.

The concept of this video is unique and refreshing. Many people on Twitter were expecting footage of Medina to appear in the video, however Maher and the Awakening team have given us a twist – an innovative one.

Maher Zain - Medina | Official Music Video

Let’s go through the lyrics to ‘Medina’.


Maher Zain – Medina Lyrics

Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi (the city of the Prophet)

In my dreams I make my way to Medina
The home and chosen place
Of our beloved Prophet
Where all I feel is peace
And so much joy around
No better place for me, yeah!

Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi (the city of the Prophet)
Medina, Medina
That’s where I want to be
Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi
Medina, Medina
That’s where I want to be
Oh, oh, Medina Medina
Oh, oh, Medina Medina

I wake with the morning light in Medina
Everywhere I see blue skies
Set above these mountains
Bright colours fill the streets
A smile on every face
A special place for me, yeah!


Tala’al badru ‘alayna, min thaniyyatil wadaa’
Wajabash shukru ‘alayna, ma da’a lillahi daa’
Ayyuhal mab’uthu fina, ji’ta bil amril mutaa’
Ji’ta sharraftal Medina, marhaban ya khayra daa’
(The full Moon rose over us
From the valley of Wadaa’
And we owe it to show gratefulness
Whenever a caller prays to Allah
O you who were raised amongst us
Coming with the word to be obeyed
You have brought to Medina nobleness
Welcome, best caller to God’s way)


Medina, Medina
Medinatun Nabi


Final Thoughts

The lyrics are not deep, however I still found myself reflecting while listening.

Maher Zain has produced a lively track that will stay in the minds of many, for years to come.

I hope this track encourages people to visit the city of the prophet, and do further reading on Medina.

Lyrics: 8/10
Vocals: 10/10
Production: 10/10
Uniqueness: 9/10
References & Reflection: 5/10

IMH Rating: 42/50 

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