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Ya Mustafa by Sami Yusuf – A Classic Live At The Dubai Opera

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Sami Yusuf has released a live version of one of his classics – Ya Mustafa.

The track was featured on an early album from Sami Yusuf, and is still going strong.

The idea of live music is something that has been fading away over the years. The introduction of technology, and easy access to VSTIs (virtual instruments) have all contributed to this. It’s nice to see Sami performing live with backing instrumentalists.


The live video can be found below. The MP3 is also available on Amazon.

Sami Yusuf - Ya Mustafa (Live)


Let’s go through the lyrics, calling out link to Quran and Hadith.

Sami Yusuf – Ya Mustafa Lyrics

Mustafa, Mustafa, Mustafa.
Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa – 1
Allahumma salli ‘alal Mustafa
(O Allah send your blessings on the Chosen One)
Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa


You’re our prophet,
Our beloved, – 2
Truly you are,
Most just and kind [x3] – 3


Allahumma salli ‘alal Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa Mustafa
Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa
You’re the Guide
Sent by Allah
To lead us
Towards the light [x3] – 4


In your manners
And in your deeds
All the Prophets
You did exceed [x3]



Links to Quran / Hadith

Links to the Quran and hadith have been numbered above (in purple) and presented below.


1 Ya Mustafa ya Mustafa ya Mustafa

This means ‘O Muhammed’.


2 Our beloved

The prophet was sent as a mercy to us.

“O Prophet, indeed We have sent you as a witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner” (Quran 33:45)


3 Most just and kind

“O Messenger of Allah! It is a great Mercy of God that you are gentle and kind towards them; for, had you been harsh and hard-hearted, they would all have broken away from you” (Quran 3:159)


4 Towards the light [x3]

He was sent as a good example, to lead us towards the right path.

“Indeed in the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad SAW) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much”. (Surah Al-Ahzab, Verse 21)


Final Thoughts

Watching live music is fantastic. I’m really happy to see Sami Yusuf re-release this classic.

Lyrics: 9/10
Vocals: 9/10
Production: 10/10
Uniqueness: 9/10
References & Reflection: 8/10

IMH Rating: 45/50

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