The Muslim Guy Challenge Of Finding Knee-Length Shorts

Knee-length shorts & other Halal sports clothing recommendations for men.

British Muslim women are amazing. They have mastered the art of gym training and competitive sport while wearing modest Islamic clothing. Just take a look at MMA founder Khadijah Safari and Safiyyah Syeed “the first Hijabi boxer” as prime examples.

But, what about us men?

Are we also making an effort to find sport clothes that cover the awrah? Such as Knee-Length shorts. Or do we see covering up as a women thing?

Finding Halal gym gear can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of options available.

But, why is this important in the first place?

Covering the Awrah

The Awrah is an Arabic word that refers to the Nakedness of an individual. For Women this is everything apart from the hands and face, and for men the awrah is from the navel to the knee.

In other words, if any part of the Awrah is showing, you are technically naked according to Islam.

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So, How Do Muslim men Currently play sport?

Some men have it figured out. But many Muslim men typically take one of two approaches when playing sport or going to the gym:

  1. Wear track suit bottoms – This fully covers the Awrah but can limit performance
  2. Just wear shorts – Performance is improved, but the Awrah is showing!

So, what are the solutions?

Before we go into that, do make sure you check out the post that got this blog viral, a map of every prayer room in central London.

Gym Clothes that Cover the Awrah (knee-length shorts etc)

I have found four options that can help a Muslim guy cover the awrah while playing sport. Links to specific products are provided below.

  1. Wear Fitted Leggings or Tights
    • Advantages: Awrah is more than covered
    • Disadvantages: Tightly fitted clothing is not permitted according to a number of scholars
  2. Wear Knee-Length Shorts
    • Advantages: Providing a t-shirt is worn over the navel, the entire awrah is covered with loose clothing
    • Disadvantages: Knees can become visible when bending or cycling
  3. Try a Shorts-Tights Combo
    • Advantages: Awrah is fully covered with baggy material and no risk of the knees showing
    • Disadvantages: You might not fit in with fashion trends
  4. Find Purpose-Made Muslim Sports Clothing
    • Advantages: Awrah is fully covered
    • Disadvantages: Limited selection of brands and products

Of course, if enough Muslim men and wearing option 3 then we can make it the fashion!

Wear Fitted Leggings / Tights

It might sound like a feminine solution. However, there are plenty of men’s gym leggings that can be worn to play sports and this option certainly covers below your knee.

Some examples are below:

Under Armour Gym Leggings

Yuerlian Men’s Running Leggings (Best Seller)

Note: there are scholarly opinions against wearing fitted clothing. So, let’s look at other ideas.

Wear Knee-Length Shorts

I’ve tested a couple brands and found a number of knee-length shorts on the market.

However, please note the knee may show when carrying out activities like cycling and squatting. In addition, you may need to wear the shorts lower down depending on your height. Just make sure you’re wearing a top to cover the navel.

Under Armour Long Shorts

As seen in the cover photo for this blog.

Tansozer Knee-Length Shorts

Another tried and tested brand, the key is to roll down the bottom of the shorts for extra length. Although not ideal for gym, this one is great for holidays in the summer.

KEFITEVD Men’s Below Knee Shorts

An even longer version of summer shorts. These reach well below the knee.

These are just a few examples of long shorts on the market. But, there are various others. Most Basketball Shorts reach below the knee.

Try a Shorts-Tights Combo

This is by far the best option. These shorts contain sewn in tights designed to cover the knee.

Under Armour Long Printed 2-in1 Shorts

Find Purpose-Made Muslim Sports Clothing

There are certain brands that design Muslim clothing, specifically created to cover the Awrah. Examples of such brands include ZAYFA, who design modest swim shorts for men. And Moomen, who have a selection of Knee-Length shorts online.

Read my full review of Zayfa Swim Shorts

ZAYFA Modest Swim Shorts

ZAYFA Modest Swim Shorts

ZAYFA Swim Skin

Hayaa Swim Skin - Black

Zayfa Swim Shorts Review

In Summary

A number of options exist for Muslim men who want to participate in public sports and gym classes. You can choose between men’s leggings or knee-length shorts. But, the best option is to go for a combination of both to ensure the Awrah is fully covered… even during those 100kg squats.

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