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Map of Milton Keynes Mosques & Prayer Rooms

Milton Keynes is unique. We have lots of roundabouts, concrete cows and robots delivering goods to homes.

However, there is something else unique about MK.

The Milton Keynes Muslims!

Milton Keynes has a large Muslim population, and they’re from a diverse range of ethnic and social backgrounds.

As a result, we have several Mosques ran by members of different ethnic communities. So, I decided to create a map of all Mosques in Milton Keynes.

But who am I? and Why MK?

I was brought up in Milton Keynes and really like the town. I co-manage the Muslims in Milton Keynes Facebook Group, please join!

Below is an interactive map showing all Mosques and prayer rooms in MK, including multi-faith rooms located in the Milton Keynes shopping centre and hospital. I have also created maps for London, Birmingham and Manchester, with an aim to cover the entire UK.

So, let’s see the map.

Milton Keynes Mosques Map

A list of all Mosques and Prayer Rooms in Milton Keynes can be found on the map below.

Red = Mosque

Green = Prayer Room

Yellow = Hall hired for Jummah only

Purple = Shia Mosque

Last Updated: 27/03/23

Let’s go through each Mosque & Prayer Room in more detail.

…and while you’re here, why not read through some of my Nasheed reviews.

The Centre MK Prayer Room

For years Milton Keynes had no Prayer Room inside the main shopping centre. However, there is now a Multi-faith room complete with Wudu facilities.

The Wudu room contains heated flooring. However, it’s not segregated.

Technically it’s open to people of all faiths but mainly used for Muslim prayer. The Qibla is located towards the opposite corner to the doors.

Exact location: walk up towards the John Lewis / Primark end of town. The prayer room is located next to customer services, beside the toilets. Or opposite KFC (not Halal).

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Milton Keynes University Hospital Prayer Room

Address: Standing Way, Eaglestone, Milton Keynes MK6 5LD
Website: Chaplaincy
Open to: Men and Women

Located in the Blue Zone on Level 2.

The Chapel, Quiet Room and Muslim Prayer Rooms are open 24/7. At night you will need a member of staff to swipe you in.

There is a dedicated Muslim prayer area with Wudu facilities and separate prayer spaces for men and women.

The Chapel is available for anyone to sit quietly or to pray. Jummah prayers are held here, but they currently need to be booked in advance.

Photos taken on 03/04/22:

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Islamic Centre MK

Address: Trubys Garden, Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes MK6 5HA
Open to: Men and Women (Including Jummah and Taraweeh)

Also referred to as Coffee Hall Masjid.

Large purpose built Mosque in Milton Keynes with prayer space for men and women.

There is a large car park. However, it gets full fairly quickly during Jummah. Therefore, Mosque users are advised to park in the car park at the end of Lloyds road, close to Woughton Leisure Centre.

The Jummah khutbah is in English and Jummah is open to both men and women.

The Mosque holds a number of talks, classes, exhibitions and fun days.

The Mosque holds a number of talks, classes, exhibitions and fun days. Other services include:

1. Madrassa
2. Quraan Classes for Adults and children
3. Nikkah (Weddings) Private and communal
4. Communal Iftar
5. Food Bank distribution
6. a) Burial fund
b) Burials
c) Ghusul Room

Ramadan 2022 At Coffee Hall

Taraweeh prayers are held at this Mosque, open to men and women. The Mosque typically prays 8 rakahs (units) of prayer, followed by Witr. The Witr is prayed in congregation as they follow the Shafi school, there is usually a salam after the second rakat of Witr, followed by one rakat. A dua is said out loud after the last Ruku.

The Mosque also hosts Ramadan FM. Ramadan FM is a local community radio station that I had been extremely involved with for the first 11 years. Learn more

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Before we go further, here are some essential Muslim travel items, perfect when travelling around MK:

Al-Rawdha Mosque

Address: 401 S Row, Milton Keynes MK9 2PG
Open to: Men and Women (Including Jummah and Taraweeh)

Located in Milton Keynes town centre, Masjid Rawdha is a large Mosque with prayer space for both men and women.

The Jummah khutbah is in English and open to both men and women. However, the women’s area is accessible via lift only. I believe plans are in place to create a staircase.

The Mosque offers madrassa, youth club, community services and more. It is run by the MKICA which stands for ‘Miltoin Keynes Islamic & Cultural Association’.

Ramadan 2023 At the MKICA

Taraweeh Prayers are held at this Mosque every year, for both men and women. They typically pray 8 rakats (units) of prayer followed by Witr. The Witr is usually prayed in congregation with a dua out load after the last Ruku. In the past, Egyptian Imams have led the prayer. They usually add an echo/reverb onto their sound system for extra effect. Occasionally, talks are held between or after the salah.

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Islamic Centre Fishermead

Address: Sri Lankan Muslim Community Centre, Fishermead Blvd, Fishermead, Milton Keynes MK6 2LA
Open to: Men and Women

Also referred to as Fishermead Mosque.

A relatively new Mosque for Milton Keynes. Islamic Centre Fishermead is a purpose build centre with prayer space for men and women.

Currently, there is no prayer space for women during Jummah.

The Khutbah is in English and the Mosque has a car park around the back.

Ramadan 2023 At Fishermead

The Mosque holds Taraweeh prayers, typically performing 20 units of prayer followed by the Witr.

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Central Jamia Mosque

Address: 14-16 Church St, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5JN
Open to: Men and Women

Also referred to as Wolverton Masjid.

This building was previously a post office and cinema before becoming a Masjid in 1995.

The Mosque is open to both men and women.

There is a car park however it gets full quickly during Jummah and Taraweeh prayers. Mosque users can park in the old Agora centre car park or on the side roads which are usually free for a short time.

The Masjid conducts khutbahs is both English and Urdu, and Naats are recited after Friday prayers. They offer several classes, talks and Dhikr gatherings open to all.

Ramadan 2023 At Wolverton

The Mosque holds Taraweeh prayers typically performing 20 units of prayer. The Mosque follows the Hanafi school and therefore the Witr Dua is silent. There is a schedule of talks to be held before/after each prayer.

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Al Karam Trust

Address: 19 North St, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes MK13 0EE
Open to: Men and Women

Also referred to as New Bradwell Mosque.

The Mosque is open to both men and women, the women’s section being upstairs.

Ramadan 2023 At new Bradwell

The new management are extremely friendly. I was impressed with the organisation of Taraweeh prayers during Ramadan 2021. The organisers stream the prayer live on Facebook. The recitation is amazing, maybe the best in MK.

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Baytul Ilm Secondary School & Mosque

Address: 12A Clarke Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1LG
Open to: Men Only due to size (needs confirmation)

Small Masjid newly created. This Mosque is located in an industrial estate and the venue is primarily an Islamic School.

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Milton Keynes Jamee Masjid

Address: 48-52 Duncombe St, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2LY
Open to: Unsure

Also known as Bletchley Mosque.

The Mosque is open for 5 daily prayers and Jummah.

Milton Keynes Jamee Masjid (MKJM) was established in Duncombe Street in the early 1970’s by a handful of individuals who saught to bring together the emerging Muslim community seeking to establish themselves in the local area. Most were from Bangladesh and originally came to live in the Bletchley area as they worked at the local London Brick Company and the British Rail depot in Wolverton.

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Hazrath Shahjalal Jamie Masjid

Address: 95 Manor Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK2 2GT
Website: N/A
Open to: Men and Women

Second Mosque in the Bletchley area, newer than the other.

The Mosque is open to both men and women.

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Zainabiya Islamic Centre (Shia)

Mosque for the Shia community.

Address: Peverel Dr, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1NW
Open to: Men and Women

The KSI Muslim Communality of Milton Keynes is committed to facilitate as many people as possible to worship at the mosque. The KSIMC of Milton Keynes also maintains an overview of worship throughout larger community and makes suggestions to enhance services by involving other groups within the greater community of Milton Keynes.

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Milton Keynes Mosque Conclusion

There are several Mosques in Milton Keynes, each one bringing a different atmosphere and environment. Additionally, there are several Islamic societies that serve the local Muslim community by organising events and gatherings.

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