Prayer Rooms on UK Motorways & in Service Stations – M1, M6, M4

Are there salah or prayer rooms on UK motorways? Yes!

Many Muslims use UK Motorway services such as the M1, M6 and M4 on a daily basis. Finding a place to pray salah can be tricky.

The map below shows UK service stations with a prayer/salah room, or Masjids less than 5 minutes from a motorway junction.

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Last updated: 27/03/24

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Let’s go through each one in more detail, one Motorway at a time, south to north.

Prayer Rooms on the M1

Toddington Services Prayer Room

Toddington, Junction 11-12 M1 Southbound

Between junction 11A and 12. The prayer room is located Southbound but accessible from Northbound via the footbridge, however unlike many service station bridges this one is outdoor. The room is labelled ‘Multi-Faith Facility’.

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The Markfield Mosque

The Islamic Foundation
Ratby Ln
Markfield, LE67 9SY

Just off Junction 22 of the M1.

Not a service station however this Masjid is only a 4 minute drive from Junction 22 of the M1. It’s a beautiful cabin like design in a rural area – well worth a visit!

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Moto Trowell Services Prayer Room

M1 Northbound

Between Junction 25 & 26 of the M1. The prayer room is located Northbound but can be accessed via the indoor footbridge.

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Hanfia Masjid And Islamic Cultural Centre

374 Sheffield Rd
S9 1RQ

Not a service station however this Masjid is only a 2 minute drive from Junction 34 of the M1, between Sheffield and Rotherham. The Masjid has a capacity of 450 people with prayer space for men and women.

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Meadowhall Shopping Centre Prayer Room

Meadowhall Centre
The Management Suite
1 The Oasis,
S9 1EP

Meadowhall is a large shopping centre located between Sheffield and Rotherham, containing a prayer room. The shopping centre is just a 3 minute drive from junction 34 of the M1. However, access to the prayer room involves a walk through the shopping centre itself, guests are also required to sign in. Please contact Careline on 0333 313 2000 for the Quiet Room opening times and terms and conditions of use.

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Prayer Rooms on the M6

Hilton Park Services Prayer Room

10a M6
WV11 2AT

Southbound on Junction 10a of the M6, located on the ground floor just before the stairs leading up to the bridge. This prayer room can also be accessed Northbound via the indoor footbridge. The room has full wudu facilities and is open to men and women. There is a guest book for recording your visit, if you are visiting after reading this post feel free to mention us – Islamic Music Hub.

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Lancaster Services Multi-Faith Prayer Room

White Carr Ln

Located Southbound – walk up the stairs and it’s just before the footbridge. The prayer room can also be accessed Northbound by crossing the bridge. There are two sinks at the back of the prayer room for Wudu, Kitchen towel rolls are usually available for drying. The prayer room offers a view of the Motorway and contains a guestbook for marking your visit – feel free to mention this post – Islamic Music Hub.

I have personally visited this service station many times. On recent visits, the station has been unclean with bins overflowing. I spotted rats in the outdoor seating area and a parking charge is automatically applied if you stay for longer than two hours. It’s up to users of the prayer room to keep it tidy.

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Prayer Rooms on the M4

Leigh Delamere Services Multi Faith Prayer Room

Leigh Delamere Motorway Services M4
SN14 6LB

Westbound between Junction 17 and 18 of the M4. This Salah room can also be accessed Eastbound via the footbridge, however it’s an outdoor bridge. Once on the Westbound side, walk all the way to the end of the building, the prayer room is located on the left hand side just after the toilets. There is a large book sign on the door.

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Prayer Rooms on the M40

Banbury Madni Masjid

Merton St
OX16 4RX

Not a service station however the Mosque is only a 5 minute drive from Junction 11 of the M40 (Banbury). The Masjid is open to men and women.

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Prayer Rooms on the M42

Solihull Islamic and Community Centre

1021 Warwick Rd
B91 3HG

Not a service station however this Masjid is only a 2 minute drive from Junction 5 on the M42. The Masjid itself is a cute cottage known as Sandalls Cottage, it is open to both men and women.

Yes we have a dedicated room available for sisters and is always open for all Salahs including Jummah Al’humdullilah. We have a welcoming approach for sisters and children. Travellers often stop here. Refreshments available for them free of charge.

Trustees, Jan 2021

Please contact us if you have any information on this Masjid, or would like to suggest more.

Prayer Rooms on M61

Rivington Services M61


Southbound between Junctions 32 and 33 of the M61, can also be accessed Northbound via the outdoor footbridge. The service station is located between Manchester and Preston.

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Prayer Rooms on M74 / M8

Glasgow Central Mosque

1 Mosque Ave
G5 9TA

The largest Mosque in Glasgow located just 5 mins from Junction 1 of the M74 and Junction 20/21 of the M8 (depending on whether you are traveling north or south). The Masjid has parking and there is space for men and women.

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Prayer Rooms on M11 / A14

Cambridge Services Prayer Room

CB23 4WU

This multi-faith prayer room is located Northbound at Junction 24A. Furthermore, the prayer room can be accessed via junction 24 southbound, just drive across the bridge. The prayer room is located next to the womens toilets, and is complete with wudu facilities.

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Concluding Remarks

If we have missed any service stations with prayer rooms, or the information above is not correct. Please contact us or leave a comment below, and we will update ASAP.

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