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Ramadan 2024 – What’s Coming Up On Islamic Music Hub


I’m Faisal and this Ramadan I have been busy preparing two series.

Ramadan 2024 - What's Coming Up On Islamic Music Hub

Stories From Gaza

For most of us, the Gaza situation is on our mind all day long. Stories from Gaza is a series featuring videos of people from Gaza telling their story. Most people inside Gaza are trying to escape via the Rafah crossing. However, in order to escape they need to raise a huge amount of money. Therefore, they have set up Go Fund Me pages asking for help.

In this series, you will hear from people who are currently inside Gaza, or who left recently. Learn about their life and donate to help them in this holy month.


A series where reverts share their story about how they came to Islam. Episdoes released occasionally during the month of Ramadan.

Want to know more about me and the series? Here is all you need to know:

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