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02 Stories From Gaza – Asmaa Loves Singing Ramadan Songs

Asma Dwaima is a dentist from Gaza. However, her home and dental practice were completely destroyed.

Despite this Asma remains positive, reflecting on her life in Gaza before the war and how they would prepare the house for Ramadan.

She even sings a line of a Ramadan song for us!

Asmaa loves going to the sea and dreams of becoming a positive dentist who loves her patients.

Asmaa’s Story

02 Stories From Gaza - Asmaa Loves Singing Ramadan Songs

My name is Tayseer Dwaima, and I live in Gaza in Palestine, please, help me save me and my family from the war that is happening in Gaza. I have not seen many of my family members for about four months and I am deeply concerned that I may never see them again, especially after losing so many friends, neighbors and relatives. I am afraid of losing my family just as I have seen many lose their relatives… We have faced repeated displacement since October. Tragically, I lost my home and four of my brothers and three of my sisters lost their homes due to Israeli warplane raids, and I lost four of my cousins. Many of our families and friends are struggling with their homes that were partially or completely destroyed. The harsh reality of being in an area far from my home weighs heavily on me. Being forced to leave your home and your dreams constantly crushes me.

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