25b Stories From Gaza – Lana Got Separated From Her Mother

Lana Loay Alzaneen got separated from her mother before the start of the war. She is doing all she can to reunite with her.

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Lana’s Story

25b Stories From Gaza - Lana Got Separated From Her Mother

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Video Script:

Hello everyone, in this podcast, I will be sharing the story of my family, the Almadhoun family, and the challenges we have faced during the recent aggression.
I never could have imagined that the moment I share my story would be a plea to urgently evacuate my siblings from the war-torn streets of Gaza before it’s too late. The past five months have been filled with indescribable heartache and constant worry, and the thought of enduring more is overwhelming. Your support, prayers, and shares can make a difference in ensuring my family’s safety during this tumultuous time. Thank you for standing with us in solidarity.
Our journey has been filled with heartache and worry as we try to navigate the warzone in Gaza and ensure the safety of our 11 family members, including 7 adults, 3 children, and 1 newborn. From forced evacuations to losing our home and struggling to access basic necessities, we have endured immense hardships.

Our journey has been filled with fear, uncertainty, and desperation. We have faced unimaginable hardships and have been forced to make difficult decisions just to survive. The constant bombings, lack of basic necessities, and overwhelming sense of hopelessness have taken a toll on our family. However, we refuse to give up. We continue to hold onto hope and believe that there is a better future waiting for us.
It all began last October when we experienced a series of challenging forced evacuations. Each evacuation became increasingly difficult as we were forced to walk 17 kilometers from the northern to the southern part of Gaza, dodging bombings and snipers along the way. Upon arriving at the Nusirat Camp, we were devastated to find that our home had been destroyed by Israeli forces. With nowhere else to turn, we sought refuge with relatives, facing dire conditions without access to basic necessities like water, food, and clothing. All we have left are our national IDs and passports.
Let me introduce you to my family members:  Each family member has their own struggles, from health issues to loss of income and education disruptions for the children.
My father, Khaled Almadhoun, is battling hypertension and is currently struggling to afford his life-saving medication. Tragically, his medication was lost last October, leaving him without vital treatment, especially after undergoing a recent coronary angiography. The uncertainty of his health weighs heavily on our family as we desperately seek ways to ensure he receives the care he urgently needs.
My mother, Elham, is a devoted housewife who tirelessly cares for our family day in and day out. Despite her selfless dedication, she carries the burden of worry for our future on her shoulders. The challenges we face have placed immense pressure on her as she navigates through these difficult times with unwavering strength and resilience.
I am sharing my story as a passionate and ambitious dentist who has dedicated my skills to serving refugees through UNRWA. Regrettably, I am currently grappling with unemployment due to the dire circumstances that have unfolded.
My brother Mahmoud, a dedicated employee with a commendable track record of over 5 years at Mercy Corps, has unfortunately faced an interruption in his contract due to the ongoing conflict. Despite these challenges, his resilience and determination shine through as he navigates the uncertainties of this turbulent time alongside his pregnant wife, Wisam.

Wisam, in the midst of the second trimester during the onset of the war, experienced immense fear and uncertainty as many hospitals became non-operational. The daunting question of where to safely deliver their baby loomed large until the arrival of their beautiful son, Elya. His birth symbolized a beacon of hope and new beginnings amidst the chaos and turmoil surrounding them.

Amidst the ongoing bombings and challenges, Wisam and Mahmoud bravely rushed to a distant hospital for Elya’s delivery, facing unimaginable risks. Despite the overwhelming conditions prioritizing life-saving injuries, Elya’s arrival brought a glimmer of optimism and resilience to their lives.

However, Wisam encountered further difficulties in accessing proper medical care for herself and her newborn due to the strained hospital resources. The lack of even a basic birth certificate for Elya and the scarcity of essential items like milk and the exorbitant prices of diapers underscore the daily struggles they face in providing for their growing family.

The arrival of Elya prompts profound questions and reflections on the responsibilities and considerations involved in bringing a child into a world fraught with uncertainty. With a 3-year-old son named Daniel who relies on them for care and protection, Mahmoud and Wisam embody unwavering strength and love in the face of adversity.
My brother Mohammed, a talented graphic designer, finds himself in a difficult situation as he has lost his source of income due to the lack of electricity and internet amidst the ongoing conflict. This has put a significant strain on his family, especially his wife Sally and their young sons, Khaled (6) and Zain (3), who have already experienced the devastating impact of multiple conflicts.
Khaled, who used to lovingly play with his birds and feed them diligently after returning from school, now faces the heart-wrenching reality of losing his school due to the conflict. To add to the tragedy, his beloved birds were targeted by air strikes, leaving him unable to see them again. The loss of these simple joys in Khaled’s life serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities of war and its impact on innocent lives.

As Mohammed and Sally navigate the challenges of making ends meet and raising their children in the midst of such turmoil, they embody resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Their unwavering love for their sons shines through as they strive to provide a sense of stability and hope in an environment filled with uncertainty and hardship.

Despite the overwhelming obstacles they face, Mohammed and Sally’s commitment to their family’s well-being remains unwavering. They exemplify the strength and courage required to navigate through such tiring times, holding onto the belief that better days lie ahead for their children, Khaled and Zain

Despite enduring multiple evacuations and facing ongoing hardships and injuries, my family and I found ourselves in a desperate situation that led us to evacuate to Deir-Al Balah. During this evacuation, tragedy struck when a neighboring house was targeted, causing me to sustain severe injuries to my head, arm, and shoulder from sharp debris. The impact on my dominant hand hindered my ability to work and provide for my family, presenting a grim reality that I had to confront.

Despite the physical and emotional scars from that fateful day, I refused to succumb to despair. With unwavering determination and resilience, I began the slow process of healing from my wounds, knowing that the memories of that traumatic experience would forever be etched in my mind. Rising from the ashes of destruction, I became a living testament to my strength and unyielding spirit in the face of adversity.

With no time to dwell on our losses and nothing left to lose, my family and I found ourselves seeking refuge with over 30 individuals in a cramped room devoid of basic necessities in Deir-Al Balah. The absence of electricity, water, food, and medicine plunged us into a constant struggle for survival, eroding any hope of finding a safe haven within Gaza.

Navigating the perilous landscape of Gaza, finding shelter proved to be a daunting challenge due to unaffordable options. People resorted to sleeping on the streets amid harsh rainy weather, with children enduring the brunt of the freezing temperatures.

Separated from our demolished home and unable to return, we found ourselves constantly on the move from North to South Gaza, with no secure place to seek refuge. The dire circumstances we faced only intensified our desperation with each passing day.

Adding to our already dire situation, we have been grappling with illness for the past three months without access to essential medical care. The pervasive pollution, lack of clean water, and scarcity of basic necessities have compounded our suffering, leaving us in a state of profound vulnerability.
With no safe haven in Gaza, our only hope is to legally exit through the Rafah port and start anew in a place free from constant danger and uncertainty. However, our financial resources are depleted, making it impossible for us to afford the journey to Egypt and begin rebuilding our lives from scratch. So we have started a campaign on GoFundMe website. Your generous donations will make a world of difference by covering essential expenses and enabling us to find safety and stability outside of Gaza.

The funds raised will be utilized for various purposes, including renewing and issuing passports, handling visa paperwork, covering Rafah border fees, facilitating document transfers, and providing basic necessities such as water, food, and baby supplies. Additionally, your contributions will support transportation costs, hotel or apartment accommodations, as well as essential items like clothes, and medicine.

Furthermore, your donations will help us secure school tuition, uniforms, and supplies for our children, ensuring that they have access to education and a brighter future. Your support is our beacon of hope as we embark on this journey towards a new beginning. We place our trust in your kindness and generosity to help us transition to a safer and more stable environment
Your compassion and generosity have the power to transform our lives and provide us with a glimmer of hope amidst the challenges we face in Gaza. Your contribution is not just a donation; it is a lifeline that offers us a chance at a brighter future filled with safety and peace. Your support means more than words can express, and it will be deeply appreciated as we are struggling to survive in the midst of turmoil.

We humbly ask for your assistance in any form, whether through a donation or by sharing our story with others who may be able to help. Your willingness to make a positive impact in our lives is truly remarkable, and we are grateful for your compassion and empathy.

We want to emphasize that your support is a choice, not an obligation. We share our personal story with sincerity and honesty, trusting in your kindness and understanding. Thank you for considering extending a helping hand to our family and for being a beacon of hope in times of darkness. Your solidarity and generosity give us strength and renewed faith in a better tomorrow.

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