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04 Stories From Gaza – Haneen Puts Together A Brilliant Film

Yafi reached out to me on Instagram asking if she could do a video for the ‘Stories From Gaza’ series. Her sister, Haneen, created a video recording of herself explaining her situation and telling her story.

But, it wasn’t any old video. The video was brilliant!

Haneen has actually included clips of her journey in her video. We see bombs falling, the family riding a donkey to safety and clips from their new living conditions, a tent in Rafah.

We should all put in effort to ensure Haneen and Yafi get the donations they need.

Haneen’s video

04 Stories From Gaza - Haneen Puts Together A Brilliant Film


Also available as a Spotify Podcast

My name is Yafi, and I have been living in Gaza since I was born. My family consists of six members, and I am the oldest. I love this country dearly, but I have been suffering greatly since the aggression on Gaza began. It has been 152 days, and the war hasn’t ended, nor have the hardships. We are exhausted from constantly moving from one place to another. We no longer feel stability; all we feel is anxiety, tension, and fear of what might happen to us, and what has already happened. We have lost our home, our car, our money, and all our possessions that my father bought to secure our future. But now, my future is slipping away after losing everything and losing my university in my last year. I was about to graduate and fulfill my dream, but it’s unlikely to happen if I stay here. So, help me get out, me and my family, from Gaza, and save ourselves. And if we can’t leave, we’ll use this money to repair what has been destroyed of our belongings to rebuild our lives as they were before.

Yafis Go Fund Me

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