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The Best Halal Swimwear for Men

I’ve finally found it! A brand selling modest swimwear for men.

Modest how?

These swim shorts extend from the navel to below the knee.

Why is this important?

In Islam, we must cover our Awrah (nakedness), which is from the navel to the knee for men. Therefore, this product is perfect.

So, what’s the brand?

The brand name is Zayfa

Zayfa produce modest swimwear for men, as well as other Islamic clothing such as tees and hoodies.

Having tried the Zayfa swim shorts, I can honestly say they have exceeded my expectations. Here is my feedback:

Overall review of Zayfa Swim Shorts

I’m super impressed!

The quality is fantastic and it even comes in a zip bag to stop your bag from getting wet after a swim.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons

Pros of Zayfa Swim Shorts

  • High quality product
  • Comes with a zip bag
  • Extends below the knees (Halal)
  • Has a well designed but subtle Arabic logo

Cons of Zayfa Swim Shorts

  • Only way to cover the Navel is to pull them right up
  • Slightly fitted (which is hard to avoid when it comes to swimwear).

I’d recommend Zayfa Swim Shorts to all Muslim men. If you’re not a swimmer try it, it’s a sunnah sport!

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