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Believe by Iman Farrar – The Female Nasheed Artist

Iman Farrar: Believe Download | Lyrics

The first female artist to break into the Nasheed industry. Iman Farrar has just released her brand new song believe, and it’s a breath of fresh air!

The song was written back in 2018 and a demo version released in Jan 2021.

Demo Version? Is the song not finished?


Iman decided to go with an early release in order to provide us with some hope during this pandemic – what a nice thing to do!

More from Iman:

It’s been a long time but I’m finally back, and this time with an original song. ‘Believe’ was first written in mid 2018 as I ventured into the journey of the Muslim music world and has been with me since. While this is not the full and final mastered version or official video of the song, I wanted to give you all a song of hope amidst this pandemic. Safeeyah, Dom and I worked tirelessly to produce this piece for you despite being timezones and countries apart (and with very limited resources, especially for the video), and I truly hope that this song brings you as much peace as it did me when times were at their lowest and hardest. It is a song about relying on Allah ta’ala (tawakkul) and having trust in His will. Allah ta’ala always knows best, even when we cannot see it in the moment.

Iman Farrar Youtube channel

The song has a simple yet powerful message about belief and putting your trust in Allah. Later in this review we will look at the lyrics line-by-line, and call out references to Quran and Hadith.

Keep it Halal – Download Believe legally. Purchase the MP3 on Amazon.

More about Iman Farrar

Iman Farrar is a young Muslim artist, leader, and advocate.

She is currently located in Oxford, England but has grown up in several different countries around the word. For example, she has lived in Australia and Malaysia – where the Nasheed industry thrives.

Iman sings in both English and Arabic, and has performed in several locations around the world.

A timeline of Iman


In 2016, Iman undertook a placement under the United Nations Relief and Work Agency in Al-Baqa’a refugee camp in Jordan. She lived alongside Palestinian refugees and took the opportunity to do research for a charity she founded the following year.


Iman founded KindNecessities in 2017, while in her first year of her Undergraduate degree. KindNecessities is a charity that works to better the lives of women both globally and locally.


In 2019, Iman joined Project Dastaan as their Innovations Lead. Project Dastaan uses virtual reality technology to enable Partition Witnesses to relive their childhood memories prior to the 1947 partition of India and Pakistan – sounds amazing!


Iman released a demo version of her original track, Believe, along with a demo music video – let’s take a look.

Believe Music Video

An official video is coming, but for now Iman has released a demo version for us to enjoy.

It’s a compilation of her performances over the past few years, filmed and directed by Safeeyah Cornelius.

Iman Farrar - Believe (Original - DEMO version)

The video has received great feedback in the comments so far:

okay i’m crying while writing this. My professor says i need more structure so here is why i’m crying
1) the message is so powerful. The core what we all struggle with. To trust, the tawakkul. The confidence derived from Him. Aughhhhhh
2)the fact that I had a mini comversatiom with u on insta a while back and you were right, I really really related to this and needed it
3) you are so beautiful. Ahahahahah mas ya Allah. I guess it’s like the idea of being beautifully and simply muslim
4) that you’d turn your passion to praise Him. I am inspired.
5) such lovely singing.
Such a sweet voice May you be protected with a beautiful protection and your voice reach hearts all over the world. May you and your family be granted afiyah. Ameen

Zubia Aman

The lyrics to Believe have been presented below. Any references to Quran and Hadith have been called out and explained in the next section.

Believe Lyrics

Our silence is never timeless
The sirens just never blare
Reliance is always harmless
With You, my trust is there – 1 read analysis

Never wavered
Always savoured
Moments in time
It’s not a wave but
I’m just swept in Your great sublime

I’m believing, believing, believing in You – 2 read analysis
I’m trusting, and trusting and trusting in You
I’m healing and breathing and praising for You
In reason and meaning I rely on You

This conversation that I’m having
I just talk and You are hearing
I don’t even need to say a thing – 3 read analysis

You know what’s in my heart and – 4 read analysis
It’s more than I deserve and
I don’t even need to say a thing

Never wavered
Always savoured
Moments in time
It’s not a wave but
I’m just swept in Your great sublime

I’m believing, believing, believing in You
I’m trusting and trusting and trusting in You
I’m healing and breathing and praising for You
In reason and meaning I rely on You

Tell my heart every morning,
“No more mourning”,
Just have trust in Him’

believing, believing, believing in You
trusting, trusting, trusting in You
I’m praying to You – 5 read analysis

Lyrics Analysis

References to the Quran and Hadith have been numbered above, and explained in this section.

1 – Put your trust in Allah, and he will run to you!

With You, my trust is there

There is an amazing hadith about putting your trust in Allah.

So, what does it say?

Allah says he will come an arm’s length towards you if you go one cubit towards him. Furthermore, Allah will run towards you if you walk towards him.

As the song suggests, this implies we should always put our trust in Allah, and move closer to him.

I treat my slave according to his expectations from Me, and I am with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in his heart, I remember him in My heart; if he remembers Me in a gathering, I remember him in a better and nobler gathering (i.e. of angels), if he comes closer to Me by one span, I go towards him a cubit’s length, if he comes toward Me by a cubit’s length, I go towards him an arm’s length, and if he walks towards Me, I run unto him.”

(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

2 – Six major beliefs in Islam

I’m believing, believing, believing in You

One of the fundamentals of our religion is to believe in Allah. But what defines belief?

There are six articles of faith according to a hadith:

  1. Belief in the Oneness of God: Muslims believe that God is the creator of all things, and that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. He is one, and has no children.
  2. Belief in the Angels: Muslims believe in angels, unseen beings who worship God and carry out God’s orders throughout the universe. Angels cannot sin or disobey, they are programmed to obey only.
  3. Belief in the Books: This includes the Quran (given to Muhammad), the Torah (given to Moses), the Gospel (given to Jesus), the Psalms (given to David), and the Scrolls (given to Abraham).
  4. Belief in the Messengers of God: Muslims believe that God’s guidance has been revealed to humankind through specially appointed messengers, or prophets, throughout history. Familiar names include Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed (PBUT).
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgment: Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgment, humans will be judged for their actions in this life; those who followed God’s guidance will be rewarded with paradise; those who rejected God’s guidance will be punished with hell.
  6. Belief in Qadr or pre-destination: Everything is pre-determined by God, he knows what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in the future.

Here is the Hadith:

“Iman is that you believe in God and His Angels and His Books and His Messengers and the Hereafter and the good and evil fate [ordained by your God].”


3 – Allah knows the unseen. Even if we say nothing.

I don’t even need to say a thing

There is no need to speak out loud in order for Allah to hear us, he knows everything and is the all-hearing.

In fact, one of the names of Allah is ‘As-Sammee’, meaning the ‘all hearing’.

 “…And Allah hears your discussions. Lo! Allah is All-Hearing, All Seeing”

(Quran 58:1)

4 – A direct reference to Surah Al-Mulk

You know what’s in my heart

Our favourite Nasheeds are the ones that make both hidden and direct references to Quran and Hadith, and Iman does that in this very line.

Allah tells us he knows what is in our hearts in Surah Al-Mulk:

“Allah knows what is in every heart

(Quran 67:13)

5 – We should pray to Allah often

I’m praying to You

The English word ‘praying’ is misleading as it is often used as the translation for Salah.

However, Salah means worship (which includes some prayer).

Did you know? We can pray to Allah whenever we like in the form of Dua. Simply raise your hands and ask for guidance or help.

Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of this song and really keen to hear more from Iman.

I look forward to hearing the remastered version and as a video editor myself (Marble Videos), i’m particularly keen on watching the complete Music video.

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Lyrics: 8/10
Vocals: 8/10
Production: 4/10
Uniqueness: 6/10
References & Reflection: 7/10
IMH Total Rating: 33/50 
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