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Islamic Music Hub is now inviting Nasheed artists and writers to submit guest posts. Promote your own Nasheed!

Why Post On Islamic Music Hub?

Islamic Music Hub has been running since 2017 and growing ever since.

The site typically attracts over 1,000 unique visitors per week. 50% of our users are from the UK while the other 50% are from across the globe.

Top countries include: UK, Nigeria, US, India and Pakistan

As the name suggests, the site is based on Islamic Music or Nasheeds. However, it also covers prayer maps and general blog posts aimed at the Muslim community.

How To Post

It’s easy. Simply fill out the form below and press submit!

Leave a placeholder for any images (including the main cover image) and send them to [email protected]. I will then check the post, insert any images/videos, add formatting and make it LIVE!

Tips and Tricks (For Nasheed Posts)

It’s your Nasheed, you can write whatever you want!

However, here are some headings you could use as a guide:

Who you are? – Describe yourself. How long have you been doing Nasheeds? Where are you from?

What is the Nasheed about? – Give us some context.

References to Quran and Hadith? – This is a big one for Islamic Music Hub. This site was originally created to help highlight some of the references to Quran and Hadith within Nasheed lyrics. For Example, if the Nasheed lyrics read “I’m only at peace when I think of Allah”, we know this is a reference to the Quran 13:28 “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace”. So, call it out!

Try to use headings and themes – For example, top 5 reasons you need to hear this Nasheed

Discuss the Video – I will embed your Youtube music video as part of the post. So, write a section about that. Where did you shoot it? Who are the main characters? What’s the storyline?

Finally, Hidden Messages – I know how much thought goes into Nasheed lyrics and videos. Often there are hidden messages or icons. Why not call these out to help listeners discover more?

Check out my Nasheed reviews for more inspiration.

If you’re posting a non-Nasheed article please email me in the first instance at [email protected].

Have fun writing! Here’s the form:

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